Breaking Up Is Hard To Do




Sunday afternoon I went with a group of friends to see “Breaking Up is Hard to Do” at the Center Theater in Fontana.

I’ve been to several productions at this venue.  It’s always fun and the food is great.  We usually get tickets from Goldstar and it’s a pretty good deal.  This show was set in  the Catskills and featured songs by Neil Sedaka.  Lots of people were singing along with the cast.



This is at the venue.  My dress is from City Chic.  The top part has black and white stripes and an attached pink tank top.  I thought this was a cute way to wear stripes.  Thanks to Mary for the photo.

Hope you had a fun weekend too.

Hugs, Susie


I’m BACK….number 2!!

Hi, everyone!

They say that we make plans and God laughs.  I didn’t intend to wait so long for my next post.  June and July were so hectic!  I was having computer issues, some family illness issues again and some last minute traveling too!  I think everything is Ok now.

I’m getting ready for a trip to New Orleans during August.  We are planning on moving there in September or October.  So we’re looking for an apartment.  I’ve been hitting the summer sales and stocking up on pretties.


‘These shorts are from Full Beauty.


These two nighties are also from Full Beauty.  They are available in a variety of prints.  These are dotted with cute white dots.

They’re very comfortable and in a pinch you can wear them outside to grab the mail or sit on the patio. I love the ruffle on the bottom.

Hugs, Susie



It’s been over two (TWO!!!!….Oh my Gosh!) years since I blogged.  There was so much going on in my life during those two years that I just felt that I couldn’t handle blogging too.  I had relatives and friends who were battling some serious illnesses.  I had several friends move far away and some other life changes going on.  My heart just wasn’t into blogging.  My life is back to normal now (well as normal as it usually is) and I want to start again.  I’ve been thinking about my blog so much lately and missing this outlet for my thoughts and inspirations and energies.

I want my blog to reflect how women of a certain age (and I’m not telling what it is) can be attractive, stylish, and vital.  We women have lived a while.  We’ve loved, we’ve had families, we’ve had careers, we’ve traveled, we’ve been creative,  and we’ve come through hardships and joyous times, too.  We’ve grown up but kept the child within us alive.  We have learned so much and we can offer so much to others.


A toast to a new start

.   I hope you’ll come along on with me as I blog about my life and style.

Hugs, Susie

Birthday Wish List


Today was my birthday.  I spent the day at home but I still enjoyed myself…just taking it easy.  I’ve been having a couple of minor health issues which are more annoying than serious but I’ve cut way back on my usual running around fun time.  That’s why I haven’t posted.  I haven’t really felt too much like getting dressed up and going out.  I should be doing a lot better in a few days.  I did go out a couple of times but didn’t bring the camera.  Anyway enough excuses!

I did want to show you my new wish list.


All these dresses are from Dress Barn which is becoming a favorite store of mine.  They just have pretty things this spring.

Hugs, Susan

An Evening with Arlo


Saturday night I went to see Arlo Gurthrie at the Barclay Theater in Irvine.  Now I have loved Arlo since he did “Alice’s Restaurant” about a zillion years ago.  I admire his talent as a musician, storyteller, photographer,  song-writer and singer.  He’s also a kind and generous soul.  The concert was very enjoyable…just Arlo, his guitars and a piano.  He told some great stories, some about his father, Woody Guthrie, and sang some songs.  If you get a chance to see Arlo, you should go.  If you’re very young and you haven’t seen “Alice’s Restaurant,” watch the movie and listen to the song.  You’ll get a real feel for the sixties.

Hugs, Susan

Relaxing at the Village Inn on Balboa Island

This is the last of last week’s outings.  Good thing since a new week starts tomorrow!  My friend Sharon D. and I went to see Art of Sax (aka Red Street) on Tuesday evening.  I’ve been friends with Will and Eddie for almost 20 years.  Yikes!  Of course we were merely children when we met (yeah right).155Will





If you’re in Orange County on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings, go check them out.  You’ll have a fabulous time!

I have no photos of my outfit.  I wore these flowered pants, a black V- neck Tee, black belt and black heels.rm256_printc_s sb

Hugs, Susan

St. Patrick’s Day Tea

Saturday was a girls day out  at the Heritage Museum for their St. Patrick’s Day Tea.  The Victorian Tea Society uses this as a fundraiser for Heritage Museum.  Heritage Museum is a beautiful Victorian House and gardens in Santa Ana, CA.  The ladies in the Tea Society all com dressed in their Victorian clothes and hats.



Above picture is of one of the Victorian Tea Society ladies wearing a dress she made!  Below is our table at tea.


Sandra, Paula and I.


Sandra and I.  Sandra is the organizer for “Fun Day Trips” and usually does the photos.  Paula took this one.  I’m wearing a mint green sweater with sparkles from Dress Barn, slacks from DB in a darker green, Multi-colored scarf from DB and Clutch from Target.


Group photo before the tea.

Hope your St. Patrick’s Day was fun!

Hugs, Susan

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