It’s been over two (TWO!!!!….Oh my Gosh!) years since I blogged.  There was so much going on in my life during those two years that I just felt that I couldn’t handle blogging too.  I had relatives and friends who were battling some serious illnesses.  I had several friends move far away and some other life changes going on.  My heart just wasn’t into blogging.  My life is back to normal now (well as normal as it usually is) and I want to start again.  I’ve been thinking about my blog so much lately and missing this outlet for my thoughts and inspirations and energies.

I want my blog to reflect how women of a certain age (and I’m not telling what it is) can be attractive, stylish, and vital.  We women have lived a while.  We’ve loved, we’ve had families, we’ve had careers, we’ve traveled, we’ve been creative,  and we’ve come through hardships and joyous times, too.  We’ve grown up but kept the child within us alive.  We have learned so much and we can offer so much to others.


A toast to a new start

.   I hope you’ll come along on with me as I blog about my life and style.

Hugs, Susie



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